Poem: A Life’s Choice

She watched as the people around her walked past her every minute that day,

The sound of the moving trains going opposite directions, left and right .. it made her wonder more.

With only less than thirty dollars in hand, she did not know where she should be heading..

Her eyes slowly teared up just recalling of her unseemingly.. horrid obstacles in life that she had to endure and slowly trying to forget,

A train ticket was bought, she will leave when the sun sets to North Carolina. .. A place she loved and knew dearly as a child. A place filled loving memories with her loving parents she loved dearly..

She had to run, she had to make s choice now! Her parents had passed away easily a year ago and her aunt was not a very kind and honorable person.

She must free herself from such torture, child abuse if she could say… or describe it.

North Carolina…. is her only option. She won’t change her mind. Her mind was dead set.

The first thing she would do when she arrives in North Carolina…was that to head to the cemetary.. and visit her parents tombs. She knew she would feel safe there.

By Poetry Goddess

6 responses to “Poem: A Life’s Choice”

  1. Awesome click and well defined emotions.👍💐

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  2. North Carolina is a great destination! :>)

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    1. I want to go on a good vacation there someday! Not just viewing it in films or imagining it through all Nicholas Sparks Novels

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      1. That would be wonderful! The outer banks of NC are a marvelous place to visit!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Really?? I cant wait until i save up enough money to travel

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