Random Thoughts: #51 Take Charge of Your Own Path From Now On!

Well, on 3rd July 12.46PM, I came across with this blog post! It was in a poem format yet it was interesting for me. The blog writer is (love13reading.wordpress.com). “You are the artist of your own life. Don’t give the paintbrush to someone else.” I actually love this particular quote. It shows you the meaning of self achievements must be done by your own accord not by following other people’s orders.

Be honest with yourself now shall we? How old are you at most right now? Early 20s or Mid-30s ? I don’t mind your age, what I do mind is if you realized that the path you’ve been taking since young is your decision from the start? Or you followed your parents dreams?

I have a hunch, those who were born in rich families has their own fair price to pay. What price you may ask? Of course it is not money related! I meant their youthful years! Their childhood years snatched away from them. The parents from well-known rich families wants their heir or heiress to be well purely well groomed and well educated. Some sent their children for music lessons, where the children can pick up an instrument, learn it and play it. And some sends off their children to those acting or dancing classes. Or.. ballet classes in some cases. But for what purpose? They want their children to have skills in Art division. Balancing good grades and being skillful with numerous talents is what the parents from high-social ranks wants their children to succeed in doing.

While the children that were born in average families tends to be themselves and create fun filled memories during their childhood years. Why? Because, the parents could not afford sending their children to take after school classes and activities. They rather see their children at least be a successful student at school. Their grades will help them earn a good scholarship to study further in colleges or universities.

Lets push both those social ranks aside now shall we? Lets focus on the current topic of making decisions for our own future.

Since I was young, I actually observed my younger siblings, on how they act, their personalities and how their minds are focusing more on.

I would like to share the power of the paintbrushes my siblings and I had held dear. Come sit back and enjoy the true story of my siblings and my journey in seeking our own paths!

My Sister’s Paintbrush (Her Story)

Well.. my younger sister is one smart girl, her IQ levels are quite impressive, when she was younger.. she was told to join the Mental Arithmetic class. I know not many would know what that class is, but.. in short.. It is a class about mathematics and learning to count them using the Abacus.


Knowing that she loves Mathematics and she went straight leaning towards the Science Stream, her knowledge ventured out deeper towards Additional Mathematics and Accounting. It was odd that she did not take up Insurance or Accounting for her Course in University! Instead, she focused on Advertising, Marketing and Buisness Studies .. She pushed aside our mother’s order for her to branch out into a career that involves numbers. It seems, given my sister was intelligent, she voiced out that she hated Mathematics eventhough she is excellent in doing it.

Now at the age of 27, she is married.. and has a degree in Buisness Studies. Her love and passion was for cooking and baking, and made her focus upon both of those into her own personal career. She made her own Food Site, and people can order food online! The food she cooks and bakes has turned her life into a full time career. She truly had painted her own path with her own paintbrush! No one can tell her otherwise not even our mother!

My Brother’s Paintbrush ( His Story)

My younger brother is the youngest child within the family, its quite hard to be him! He had a tough childhood, he is a slow learner and he is also hot tempered just like our father. Yet, somehow.. it was odd.. he was an odd case I guess. Both my sister and I are like plain, tomboys. We act and do things a little off from being feminine when we were younger. Due to the fate of the Gods, my brother turned out to be..like those gentle diva or Drama Queen!

When young boys his age plays with cars, train set.. he.. draws handbags, gowns.. on girl models he drew himself. (Children..drawings..non professional yet.) And on his spare time he watches … Tyra Banks in America’s Next Top Model. Ohh.. he never misses not even a season! When he slowly grows up, and he was in highschool.. he went straight in taking Arts Stream.

Our father was not really keen to having a son… soft like those… hermaphorodite this is the polite term.. of putting it. But our mother just lets him be himself and he was still an average student, not too brilliant yet he was still passable. My brother never persued his talents in designing but he went straight to F&B instead. I had a hunch he had to divert his attention to another course of career..

Due to needing to avoid humiliating our father’s reputation. My brother is now 25 years old and still designs stuffs behind closed doors, he makes extra income too. Right now, he helps my sister.. with her online food buisness. They both became a good duo! Sometimes I do wonder if he truly am happy with his career path and did he really painted the right path with his paintbrush. Who knows?

My Paintbrush (My Story)

Hi, I am sure you roughly know who I am right? Since I am the blog’s writer! Well lets see, I grew up with epilepsy and due to it, my brain developed the maturity slower than my current age. Thus, that resulted my grades in school to be well… worse than average. But, I wanted to proof my parents wrong, I wanted to proof my mother wrong.. especially her! She told me education is not for me.. and I should persue with other types of ways to earn a living and I should focus on other things. For example, I should take up the Hairdresser Course and be a salonist.. But.. I wanted an education….

I started taking courses for Diploma in Corporate Communications. I studied hard and I earned good grades for nearly 2 years. But then, my mother’s prediction came true.. I could not complete the Diploma due to Buisness Law! It was hard.. so hard I flunked the Diploma. I went into total depression.. that lasted for 6 months.. I stayed isolated in my room like a living corspe.

Then after 6 months, my father gave me another chance.. of which my mother wants nothing to do with it! I went and started another Diploma course. Diploma In English! I am good at English Language, and I am confident I will aced the Diploma with flying colors! And I did! 2 years later I was holding my Diploma Certificate in my hand! It took me 6 years just to earn a Diploma in hand and I was not ashamed!

Now the problem slowly arises, just a little bit, I was nervous in finding a job. I started working for an A4 Paper Publishing Company for a few months as a temporary staff, then I took a legal certificate to allow me to work in F&B! I started to work with food street vendors and sell fried noodles and then slowly I changed my pace and went to settle down working with SUBWAY!

Ohh.. working for SUBWAY Cafe was jolly fun and I stayed loyal with them nearly a year before I met my husband and had to quit after marriage. Now, I am a fulltime housewife that does part-time translating jobs online and a few dropshipping products to earn a good fair of income each month. Well, and to help my husband anyway I can.

My mother still nags to me for not taking the career path properly, yet to me.. with where I am standing, I am happy. I might be earning lesser than my siblings..and I am not highly educated like my siblings, but I did my fair share in trying my best to improve my future. And that is my painted path! I am not ashamed holding onto a broken paintbrush because, given if it is broken it is still can be used! I can still paint my future on my own accord! All I need is my husband’s support!

2 responses to “Random Thoughts: #51 Take Charge of Your Own Path From Now On!”

  1. Wow, all three of your paths were so different. I truly believe there is no age to do something new, to pursue your passion. I know of people who started following their passions even after retiring from their jobs. It’s just about working around the constraints that life throws at you and your own risk taking appetite. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I had fun writing this.


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