Poem: Finding Second Chances

Keep in mind that the world sees your lies through the eyes you potray,

Don’t you think you are driving a hard bargin’ on me to test if the waters are calm?

I have no use of you if you want more then friends, I refuse to look at you in the direction of love!

To stop your menancing ways is already an issue that I have to commit my time upon,

You’re not exactly a saint, I knew you before this, your past life was not something to be proud of!

Calm as you are now, the only thing I could say about you is that ‘A Leopard Doesn’t change it’s spots!’ Why do you think you are any different?

Trying to earn my trust again are we? I will keep an eye on you! I won’t fall for the same romance twice.. Your lies are no longer new to me.

I wonder.. how a person could live a double life…

By Poetry Goddess

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