Poem: L . O . V . E

Such a beautiful figure, it makes people feel warm and welcoming just by seeing her calm facial expression. She is thinking of the word LOVE

Can you feel the wave of self love and self remembrance moving on the aisle of romance and getting oneself dignified?

Love is not about just epic romance between a man and a woman! It could be between a person and a dog, an artist with his paintings or even a baker that loves his freshly baked bread in the morning.

Love is about the joy that keeps on giving! It will never runs out and it might even expand to something even more daring or beautiful to laid our eyes upon.

Love is about sincerity and self respect! How can you love someone without earning their sincerity and while doing so, you will earn your own self respect from the other party.

Just LOVE to the fullest. Never STOP.

By Poetry Goddess

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