Poem: Suffer in Silence

I knew you were no longer right in the head, I already knew it.. yet I closed an eye on it and looked the other way instead.

As time passed, you’re love for me had turned into an obsession, an obsessive attitude that made me feel insecured and always living in fear when you are around.

You told me that you would go insane if I leave you, but… Why does it have to come this far? What made you turned yourself into a person with such mental disability??

“You can’t leave! Promise me!” The knife in her hand made it clear to me she was sick, I had no other choice but to nod my head and agree to stay.

The overview : (Mirror’s reflection of ownself) – She thinks she has a twin sister still, in her mind she thought her twin is leaving her, in the end she never realized she was battling words with her ownself and nobody else. Her twin never existed.. -knife in hand she laughs happily-

By Poetry Goddess

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